MLM Scam Exposed By Sandeep Maheshwari #StopScamBusiness

MLM Scam Exposed | By Sandeep Maheshwari #StopScamBusiness - YouTube
MLM Scam Exposed | By Sandeep Maheshwari #StopScamBusiness – YouTube

Today MLM Scam Exposed is  exposed by Sandeep Maheshwari and he uploaded video on MLM Scam Exposed and stressed on #StopScamBusiness.

Few important points to note from his video are

What is MLM Business? and How the MLM Business Operates and what are the rules and government of India and RBI regulations related to MLM Business.

He explained it to the audience online than having any audience in the offline setup like earlier YouTube sessions. It was direct address to all online viewers about MLM Business awareness. He stressed upon making thoughtful consideration and not to appreciate blindly these MLM businesses only by looking at the benefits. He emphasized upon why people fall prey for such businesses. And main reason is greed.

The MLM companies promise very expensive cars like Mercedes Benz premium variant etc. And people believe that all will get such benefits. And follow unethical practices and trapping others to get the benefits. And here the focus is not on the actual products but on the benefits what one gets than pitching on actual products or services.

He also made it clear which are genuine MLM companies and which are fake or fraud companies. Which runs for few months and then only few top level in this hierarchy people get benefits and others are trapped and suffer time loss and get emotionally hurt.

And he shared what is a actual good business which runs for long term and he elaborated its nature which make it successful. And that is nothing but its that repeat purchase and good word of mouth and customer satisfied reviews makes it successful. And companies which provides quality products at competitive price and ensure better service and make their customers satisfied without any fake promises will survive and sustain for long term.

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